About us

The Heinz Logistic Ltd. Company was established in 2009 when it took over the rights and responsibilities of a private freight transportation subject that had been in the market since 2007. Currently, the company is undergoing extensive expansion of both its transportation and shipping services. Our goal is to always be there for our clients, whatever their requests may be. Our portfolio is made of large manufacturing and logistics companies from both the Czech Republic and abroad.

Our vision

Our vision is to keep on evolving and gaining experience in areas of transportation, shipping, and complex logistics solutions.

Our team

  • Young– promising–flexible–dynamic.
  • Well experienced dispatchers with an excellent command of their languages.
  • Our truck-drivers undergo regular driver’s training, are holders of professional identification cards, including the ADR.
Zdeněk Tomášek
Zdeněk Tomášek CEO
Bibiana Rivera begin_of_the_skype_highlighting     end_of_the_skype_highlighting
Bibiana Rivera vice CEO
Branch Manager
Martina Tomášková
Martina Tomášková accounting, billing

Miroslava Bistrá
Miroslava Bistrá managing clerk of international transportation
Milan Janček
Milan Janček managing clerk of international transportation
Marta Čapková
Marta Čapková managing clerk of international transportation
Tomáš Julínek
Tomáš Julínek managing clerk of international transportation

NONSTOP CONTACT +420 603 155 242

Contact us

Do not hesitate to contact us or go ahead and send us your transportation or shipping order right away. We will then return to you shortly with an effective and cost-friendly solution.


Heinz logistic s.r.o.
V Dražkách 301
763 26 Pozlovice


At our branch in Luhačovice we provide service for all motor vehicles, pneuservice for cars and trucks and hand wash for trucks.

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